Welcome to The American Landscape
By Edward Glannon

For more than sixty years, Edward Glannon painted the American land. “I grew up in a deep and narrow Pennsylvania valley,” Glannon wrote in the journal he maintained from the time he was a young man, “and I learned to love the poetry of the earth and the music of landscapes. It has motivated me all my life.”

watercolor paintings

Water Color Paintings

Edward Glannon began experimenting with watercolor in his late forties.  He came to love the medium, and over the succeeding years he painted watercolors depicting all aspects of the American landscape.

oil paintings

Oil Paintings

Edward Glannon painted oils from the beginning of his career.  He cared deeply about the craft of oil painting.  He ground his own colors, painted on panels he built himself, and constructed and carved frames to match individual paintings.  His oils reflect his reverence for the American land – and the skies above it. 


Edward Glannon took up lithography in his sixties.  He bought a press, and etched and printed all editions himself in his studio.  His lithographs, like his oils and watercolors, depict all areas of the country and reflect his enduring reverence for the American landscape.  Glannon's lithographs may be purchased through The Old Print Shop, Lexington Avenue, New York.  They may be viewed on the Old Print Shop's website, Click here to review Lithographs

ED GLANNON- AMERICAN PAINTER from Robert Bell " Green Birdie Productions"
on Vimeo. Robert Bell website http://www.greenbirdievideo.com

Edward at his press


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  • Albany Museum of Prints & Printmaking, New York
  • Allen Memorial Art Museum
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  • Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art, Kansas State University
  • Bates College Museum, Maine
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  • Tweed Museum of Art, Minnesota
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Louisville
  • University of Northern Iowa
  • University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • Numerous private collections

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Portrait of a Young Painter, 1938

Alexander Brook (United States, 1898-1980)

In the 1930's, Alexander Brook was commissioned to paint a portrait of a budding actress, Katherine Hepburn. Edward Glannon was Brook's apprentice. The day before doing the Hepburn portrait, Brook asked Glannon to pose, and painted this portrait, called Portrait of a Young Painter. Brook willed the painting to Glannon. It is currently on loan to the Portland Museum of Art in Portland, Maine. The Hepburn portrait (which makes a cameo appearance in her movie, Woman of the Year) was stolen in the 1960's and has never resurfaced.